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Donate for Breast Cancer Awareness Here!

Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
Shades of Harmony is excited to announce that in October 2020 the chorus members will be having a Virtual Walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society in their "Raise Money for Breast Cancer Campaign." The link to the Shades of Harmony Breast Cancer Awareness Virtual Walk is

Shades of Harmony as well as many Sweet Adelines International choruses throughout our region and country have taken a big hit during the Covid Pandemic. So many of our competitions and performances have been cancelled!  That's why this October, Shades of Harmony Chorus Members are going to get up, go out, and do something to help the public. We have decided to have a “Shades of Harmony Breast Cancer Awareness Virtual Walk” to raise money to help fight Breast Cancer.

We set a goal to raise $550 for Breast Cancer Awareness. That amount was picked because that is the score Shades of Harmony was aiming to receive at the Annual Atlantic Bay-Mountain Region 19 Competition that was cancelled in May 2020. 

Members of Shades of Harmony will have pink ribbons on (that have our Shades of Harmony logo printed on them) and will go out and participate virtually together either by walking or biking or by other fun activities of their choice. The idea is that the chorus will NOT be meeting on a specific date or location to do the Virtual Walk. Each member will participate on their own, in their own way, to help raise money and Awareness for Breast Cancer in the month of October. By each member doing this activity individually; it is as if we ALL will be doing the Virtual Walk together!

Please will you help support our  Virtual Walk .  All of the money donated goes directly to the  American Cancer Society for their "Raise Money for Breast Cancer" Campaign. Shades of Harmony does NOT receive any money from the donations from the Virtual Walk.  Please help us be able to do something positive during these unprecedented times! Please help support the  Shades of Harmony Breast Cancer Awareness Virtual Walk! 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We hope we can reach our $550 goal for the American Cancer Society  by the end of October.  We would appreciate it if you could share our “Virtual Walk” link with others. Thank you so much for your help and your generosity. It is greatly appreciated!